Sharing roses is sharing love.

Spreading love from my garden today feels good.

As I’ve found in an online article titled 5 ways giving is good for you, gifting to others decreases stress in yourself and can even lower blood pressure. Furthermore, giving is inspiring to others and encourages them to “pass it on”. Please feel inspired to share your own garden with your friends, neighbors and even strangers. Here’s to your good health and happiness.

Much love, Jennie


Suttie, J. and Marsh, J. (2019). 5 Ways Giving Is Good for You. [online] Greater Good. Available at: [Accessed 30 Jun. 2019].

Hard Times


Courageous blooms are

Dying back

Petals appear stricken

Whole blooms are folding down and inward to protect against the elements

Some will wait for the sun to warm and overcome the wet and cold

Others will not recover

What mightiness

To take the chance to bloom in autumn.

Strength against the elements.


My roses are varied and bloom during all seasons except the coldest part of winter. Their beauty emerges during season changes and in spite of weather extremes. They like attention and pruning but surprise me by blooming when they are neglected as well. Just after a storm the petals glisten with drops of water and invite a snap of a picture.

As people some of us are less able to handle extremes or changes with beauty and grace. Those who can are our teachers. So as we navigate the storms of life, let us look to those who maintain their inner beauty and radiance in spite of their circumstances.

Looking back to summer…

In the article published on The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s website MEANINGS: THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS
By Catherine Boeckmann, June 24, 2021, The pink rose symbolizes happiness.

Are you happy? Does happiness grow under the right conditions? How can you cultivate those conditions for ourselves? As we enter a new season, It’s a great time to contemplate. Plants go through different stages and are not always pretty. They may be prickly or wilted. How wonderful when we are nurtured and loved during our ugly stages when we are dormant or in between blooms.

Radishes Bolted

Happy late spring. My radishes stayed small and before I knew it…bolted. The blooms attracted adorable white butterflies. I looked up that the seed pods are edible. Double win! Now they are being pickled. I’ll let you know how they taste. Stay healthy and enjoy the season.

Needle Felting

Stay tuned to see how this little field mouse develops.

Who loves this as much as I do? Sculpting small animals out of wool is very relaxing. Here is the trick. The more you stab the the wool, the more defined and realistic the project becomes.

Making tea.

This tea is for myself, and I cannot recommend it to you, the reader.
Please do your own research when foraging and trying nature’s recipes.
Happy spring! God bless you.

I’m back! Gratitude…

Why was I gone?  If I cut through the bull@#$%, the honest story, without the spin, is that I dislike (intensely) the process of running a business.  Yikes!, what is up with all the paperwork?   I even lost site of the fun of creating.  My shop on Etsy has been inactive.  Again, the process is daunting.  Don’t worry, this story has a positive ending. I’m going to put in the effort again and again and again because I promised myself I would not give up on my dreams.

I am grateful to have my own business where I am empowered. I am the boss and owner.  In this realm, I am powerful and I can create a positive environment.  The control is in my hands. Love it or leave it guys. I am choosing to love it.

Since the holidays, I have been working with needle felting and it is an incredibly therapeutic craft. I hope to incorporate it into my jewelry soon and show you my pieces.

What am I grateful for today. Snow days. Time for me and my kids to stay in and do just what we want.