I’ve been creating…

It’s been a long while since my last post but…no excuse!.  I’m just feeling lazy and insecure about my jewelry making adventure.   I have been creating some pretty awesome pieces and it’s time to ramp up again and set some goals.  I will work on a creating a new pieces more often to share with you.

A little bit about my process- I love the orange glow and medicinal properties of copper.  It is my favorite metal.  Let me know in the comments your favorite metal.


USPS Holiday Shipping Schedule

Keep organized and don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to sending out gifts.

Business tip of the day-  Keep customers informed of shipping deadlines.  You always want to be on the same page as your audience.

  • It helps to know how much things will cost to ship.
  • Free shipping is always a plus and a must during the holiday season.
  • People really want a certain date of when their package will arrive.  an on or before date is best.

Happy Shipping,  Jennie