Ibotta and Jo-Ann 

IMG_0340Are you a mad crafter  like me?  I love to creating my beautiful accessories.  I’ve found a way to splurge on supplies without breaking my business budget.  I bet you’d like to know a secret to saving big on supplies.  I just signed up with a rebate app called Ibotta.  You get cash back when you shop at stores and online.  You can “cash out” your rewards in a variety of ways, and one way is a gift card to Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts.  The best part of the program is the $10 bonus when you sign up and the $5 you get each time a friend signs up.  Use my referral code bmcnagq and we both win.

I can wrap it up nice for you.

This is how I gift wrapped a door prize for a local fundraiser.  Paper crafting is a fun way to dress up a gift box.  Customizing packaging is as fun as creating the item that goes into it.  It is also a nice touch to add a personal note.  Let me know if I can customize something for you.  It’s wedding season soon… and don’t you dare forget Mother’s Day.  I will soon be updating my ETSY shop to include more information on custom gift wrap.IMG_0327