I’m back! Gratitude…

Why was I gone?  If I cut through the bull@#$%, the honest story, without the spin, is that I dislike (intensely) the process of running a business.  Yikes!, what is up with all the paperwork?   I even lost site of the fun of creating.  My shop on Etsy has been inactive.  Again, the process is daunting.  Don’t worry, this story has a positive ending. I’m going to put in the effort again and again and again because I promised myself I would not give up on my dreams.

I am grateful to have my own business where I am empowered. I am the boss and owner.  In this realm, I am powerful and I can create a positive environment.  The control is in my hands. Love it or leave it guys. I am choosing to love it.

Since the holidays, I have been working with needle felting and it is an incredibly therapeutic craft. I hope to incorporate it into my jewelry soon and show you my pieces.

What am I grateful for today. Snow days. Time for me and my kids to stay in and do just what we want.

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